Journey to Healing
with Whitney Heuvelmans

Release, Recharge, and Remember your true Spirit's Essence through Shamanic/Spiritual Healing, Reiki Energy Work, and Psychic  Soul Mapping.

Navigating in Woods
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Shamanic Healing: A Spiritual Healing modality that dates back 30,000 years making it the oldest form of healing.  "Shaman" is a Siberian term for " one who knows."  Shamanic or Spiritual Healing is different from other healing modalities as it calls upon "Spirit" to assist.  Spirit is what one "sources" from, i.e. God(known by many names, yet the unnamable), Angels/Archangels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and Saints to name a few.  Shamans or Medicine People are open channels in which the healing flows through them.

Shamanic Techniques:

Soul Retrieval- Take back that "missing piece" that has been hiding or has left.  Soul fragmentation can result from trauma, abuse, death of a loved one, severe illness among other causes.  

Crystallized Energy Extraction - Release heavy dense energy that has been keeping you "stuck" or "trapped". 

Soul Contract Release - Release yourself from what is "binding" you.  Free yourself from the energetic contracts and past life promises that are blocking you.   

Cord and Web Cutting - These cords are unhealthy energetic attachments to people, places, and objects/material items.  Webs are unhealthy energetic attachments to belief systems, judgments, and fear.

Ancestral Unweaving - Generations may follow the same pattern or story (addictions, diseases, shame/guilt etc..). These threads can be unwoven so that your family lineage can flourish.  This process is also done with past lives that need to be cleansed and cleared.  

Power Animal Uniting - Power animals are spiritual helpers that aid one in self-empowerment.  The medicine or knowledge gained from these creatures will help guide you on life's journey. 

What is Reiki? “Rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy). Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and which also promotes healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Reiki alleviates a wide range of physical and emotional conditions to help bring balance into a person’s life.  Reiki is a subtle energy therapy using light touch on or slightly above the body. Benefits of Reiki include aiding in relaxation, assisting in the body’s natural healing processes, and developing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 


Psychic Soul Mapping: Gain knowledge, insights, and tools to live your soul's ideal path.  Through innate ability and Divination techniques, you will be taken on a voyage to decipher the best course for your journey ahead. Receive intuitive guidance and support with this interactive experience that will align you with the life that you want and deserve.  Gain empowerment to step into your light!   


*Staying in for a while (bedrest, post-op surgery, life..etc.)? I travel! I can come to you or family member to support their needs or wishes.  (Ask about distance--Greater Green Bay, and surrounding areas!) 




Energy Exchange

Shamanic Healing:  90-120 minutes                                           $100.00
Reiki Energy Work:  60 minutes                                                   $60.00
Psychic Soul Mapping: 60 minutes                                               $60.00


Community give back (no charge)
Individuals on hospice, children with special needs, those going through chemo/radiation therapy.

Reiki level I and Level II
Learn to give the gift of healing to yourself, and loved ones! Certification and attunement upon completion.

Metaphysics 101
A a fun exploratory intro class of

  • Chakras (energy fields of and around the body)

  • Crystals and Stones 
    (how, why, and what to use for healing, relationships, and much more!)

  • Divination (intuitive card reading, pendulum dowsing.)

  • Manifestation (Law of attraction, create your own reality)

 *Pendulum necklace keepsake included! 

Contact for class availability and rate

Let’s Journey Together


Whitney Heuvelmans

Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Reiki  Master Teacher

Ordained Metaphysical Minister

Tel: 920-606-8617

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