Journey to Healing

Navigating in Woods






90 minutes $70.00
60 minutes $50.00
45 minutes $40.00
Community give back 
(no charge)
Individuals on hospice, children with special needs, those going through chemo/radiation therapy



Reiki level I and Level II
Learn to give the gift of healing to yourself, and loved ones!

Metaphysics 101
A a fun exploratory intro class of

  • Chakras (energy fields of and around the body)

  • Crystals and Stones 
    (how, why, and what to use for healing, relationships, and much more!)

  • Divination (intuitive card reading, pendulum dowsing.)

  • Manifestation (Law of attraction, create your own reality)

 Pendulum necklace keepsake included! 

Contact for class availability and rate



Whole being healing through Reiki, Tuning Fork Harmonizing, and Light Code Integration. 

Ceremonial services: Marriage, Metaphysical Funeral Ceremony, Adoption, Baptismal Rite.

 Spiritual Coaching: Customizing YOUR path specific to the Spiritual Journey you seek!

What is Reiki? “Rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy). Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and which also promotes healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Reiki alleviates a wide range of physical and emotional conditions to help bring balance into a person’s life.  Reiki is a subtle energy therapy using light touch on or slightly above the body. Benefits of Reiki include aiding in relaxation, assisting in the body’s natural healing processes, and developing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 


Sound Frequency Healing through harmonizing natural body rhymes with the use of turning forks.  


Light Language Integration through Light Code transmission to activate DNA, release what does not serve the highest good, and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level. 

Spiritual Coaching: Receive intuitive guidance and support on the Spiritual journey you want to be on and deserve.  Get answers to your intended path. Gain empowerment to step into your light!   


Conditions treated include, but not limited to:

  *Staying in for a while (bedrest, post-op surgery, life..etc.)? I travel! I can come to you or family member to support their needs or wishes.  (Ask about distance--Greater Green Bay, and surrounding areas!) 

Let’s Journey Together

Whitney Heuvelmans

Reiki  Master Teacher

Ordained Metaphysical Minister

Mystical Service Practitioner 

Tel: 920-606-8617

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