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Journey to Healing
with Whitney Heuvelmans

Release, Recharge, and Remember your true Spirit's Essence through Breathwork, Spiritual Healing and Energy Work

Navigating in Woods

Breakthrough Breathwork is Breathwork combined with Spiritual/Shamanic healing and Reiki energy work for a truly transformational experience. Any resistance or blocks due to physical disturbances, emotional imbalances, and Spiritual fragmentation will arise through this process. Once brought to the surface with intentional awareness, these patterns are released with conscious connected breathing, body movements, ancient healing techniques, vocal expression, energy balancing and various other liberations. Free full breathing, a cleansed auric field, and Spiritual wholeness is welcomed back into your being. Your energy centers become aligned, and your Spiritual compass will be pointing you in the direction that you want and deserve. Your aliveness is instilled!

​The Trifecta

Breathwork: Your constant companion, from the moment you take your first to the time of your last, is breath. This ever-present ally carries you, sustains you, and frees you. Breathwork is holistic approach that aligns the body, mind, and spirit. Once we remember the breath as our birthright and treat it as such, we transform back into our healthy, complete, authentic selves. Our physical bodies perform better with full and free breathing, as it accepts higher levels of energy - the zest in which you live your life! Ample breathing enhances our overall well-being, clearing out mind clutter and establishing an emotional balance. Spiritually, the breath is known as sacred on all continents, by many civilizations who understand that our breath is our life force.


Spiritual/Shamanic Healing: A Spiritual Healing modality and practice that dates back 30,000 years making it the oldest form of healing.  "Shaman" is a Siberian term for "one who knows."  Shamanic or Spiritual Healing is different from other healing modalities as it calls upon "Spirit" to assist.  Spirit is what one "sources" from, i.e. God (known by many names, yet the unnamable), Angels/Archangels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and Saints to name a few.  Shamans or Medicine People are open channels in which the healing flows through them.

Energy Work/Reiki: A Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction, relaxation and healing of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Reiki alleviates a wide range of physical and emotional conditions to help bring balance into a person’s life.  Reiki is a subtle energy therapy using light touch on, or slightly above, the body. Benefits of Reiki include aiding in relaxation, assisting in the body’s natural healing processes, and developing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 


What? Free full breathing with an experience of connectedness inwardly and outwardly. When you breathe freely, you become free. When you breathe fully, you become full (of joy, compassion, purpose…).

How? All you need is a loving intention, willingness, and to be fully present. The rest will unfold as I guide you.

Who? Anyone and everyone on Earth who breathes. Honestly, it’s as easy as breathing.

Why? Everyone has imprints of fear, harmful mental looping, emotional instabilities, and troublesome memories that become stored within us creating dysfunction and dis-ease. Breathwork takes us back to our healed state allowing us to associate full and free breathing with safety, joy, resilience, clarity, and vitality.

Explore with me any health, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks or issues you may be experiencing. Together we release them, so you can embody your whole healed state. Using Breathwork, Spiritual healing and energy work we delve into healing, clearing, energizing, and self-mastery.

Revitalizing Breathwork is assessment of your current breathing patterns. You will be shown and invited to participate in 2-3 practical breathing techniques that you can do in your daily life. This will recondition the stimulus response from your environmental and emotional conditions. Revitalizing Breathwork is great for breathing self-care, helping you stay balanced and aligned with your healthy fulfilled self.

*Staying in for a while (bedrest, post-op surgery, life..etc.)? I travel! I can come to you or family member to support their needs or wishes.  (Ask about distance--Greater Green Bay, and surrounding areas!) 




Energy Exchange


Breakthrough Breathwork: 90-120 min, $100

Revitalizing Breathwork: 60 min, $60


Community give back (no charge)
Individuals on hospice, children with special needs, those going through chemo/radiation therapy.

Group Breathwork

Experience the power of the breath in a group environment.


Reiki level I and Level II
Learn to give the gift of healing to yourself, and loved ones! Certification and attunement upon completion.

Contact for class and group availability and rate


Let’s Journey Together

Whitney Heuvelmans

Breath Guide

Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Reiki  Master Teacher

Tel: 920-606-8617

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