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Are you still on the fence about booking your own Quantum Healing session?  Check out what others are saying.











This man right here has literally changed my life. I have carried such deep traumas in my 44 years of existence on this plane. Most of my childhood I don't remember due to choice, which when I was ready to unlock it and heal it it was gone. For years I had tried to remember. I knew it needed to be done to let go and heal. The not remembering tore me apart for many years. Well I had this session with Matt Schmidt and holy crapperdoodle I am literally not the same woman as I was yesterday morning. The pain and suffering has ended, the guilt of not knowing if I am good enough ended. The heavy parts of self ended. I always carried a negative outlook in most areas of my life due to childhood programming. Matt brought me back to an area in my life where I got to see love and beauty in my mother's womb. So many answers came forward. My gifts my purpose and most of all love . Feeling love for the first time as an infant was so beautiful . That was something I lived my life with no experience of and now I can cherish that memory. I am forever grateful for this man and the gift he brings to this world.

Thank you,


I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing hypnosis session. The same day after we got done with it, I felt this entire shift happen in my body and my reality. I have been able to clear blockages within myself and heal areas in my life that I’ve been working on. I feel like I upgraded and have advanced to a higher state of consciousness. By me going deeper within me and speaking to my higher self through a guided meditation it unlocked so many of my inner questions. I received confirmations and answers.  My gifts have even opened more and I’m able to tap into my higher self on a much higher level. Thank you Matt Schmidt for the beautiful session. You are truly amazing.

Edit: I also want to say that Matt truly listens to you and really takes the time to go over each of the questions. He actually cared about my experiences. He’s very genuine




I had my session with Matt Schmidt yesterday, and it was MIRACULOUS!!

I knew that it was my final step of my spiritual journey, and I was right! If you're not familiar with this, do the research, beginning with the work of Dolores Cannon.

Matt's an awesome practitioner, and I highly recommend him! I'm blown away by my results, and super excited to move forward fully healed.



Hi Matt! I just finished listening to my session, and I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!!

Today is the first day in 12 years that I haven't had to immediately take stomach medicine upon waking!! It's GONE! It was so bad, that any pressure was painful, and now I can push in, and it's fine!! I'm in a far better mental and emotional state of being, and am super excited because I know that I have fully transformed and healed! A day I have worked so hard for, and one that I wasn't sure I'd ever reach!! And thank you for the above past life regression, I look forward to it as well!

I'm so happy to be connected to you, it's truly an honor! Much love and light and many blessings to you!!



This guy right here is awesome!!!

I did my Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with him in August and it was completely surreal!

I can absolutely agree with this person's testimony. Matt is such a kind soul and spent lots of time with me over the phone before and after the session. He genuinely does care about the healing process for others. He also ensures your understanding of no expectations in the session.

Following the founder of the technique, Dolores Cannon for roughly 6 years, I thought I understood the concept and process of hypnosis. I have read and watched many sessions, but never the full version. Matt kept insisting to have no expectations, and man was he right. I had no idea the experience would be as it was, nor did I realize the transformations that would come from doing the session.

There were a few huge takeaways. The biggest issue I have had was getting in my own way. Not trusting my intuition and believing in the wisdom within me. I saw and felt my purpose here in this existence during my session, which has allowed me to breathe into each day, allow myself to be seen, and fly!

Since my session, things have drastically changed for me as if it was divinely timed. As I took steps to release that which did not serve me and step into my purpose to heal others all of sudden things have taken off!

My business is in its last step before finalization. I have been connected with people, places and opportunities that half the time make me cry in disbelief. People who share the same vision and have unique abilities that intertwine in this grand plan that is unfolding. I have been offered incredible opportunities to work alongside these people, and opportunities that help get my dream up and going that I never would have expected.

There is something truly unreal about my session with Matt and the events that have unfolded since.

It’s absolutely worth looking into, even if it’s not for you, my testimony is nothing in comparison to the thousands of others who have underwent a hypnosis session.

I look forward to my next session and hopefully get the chance to work with Matt hand-in-hand when the time comes.

Thank you Matt for all of your time and genuine care! You Rock!


I booked a transcendent quantum healing session with Matt after seeing him stream in a Facebook group. I was immediately captivated by his genuine concern to help others.

The way he would laugh and say “alright” after he explained the concept of the body holding disease and that we have “chosen” the experience to learn a lesson made me feel like I was speaking to an old friend. I felt like he was having a conversation with only me.

The session I did was 5 hours long and extremely thorough.

We explored past lives of mine that had a stunning correlation to my current life and my illness. In my hypnosis meditation session, I was a middle eastern prince who got stabbed in the abdomen (my autoimmune is Ulcerative colitis.)

I haven’t had any physical symptoms of my autoimmune since our session. More importantly, Matt helped me see how I had the belief that I couldn’t heal myself (which was a radical shift for me.)

I would recommend a session with Matt to anyone open-minded and looking for support in something that they feel powerless over. Matt reminded me that I can always communicate with my higher self and guides; he just helped open the door.


I cannot begin to thank this man, Matt Schmidt, enough!  For guiding me into the most Amazing days of My Life!  I just stumbled onto Dolores Cannon’s Facebook page a few weeks ago.  1st I’d ever heard of QHHT before.  

After a very painful couple years, as I discovered I was raised in a cult!  This spiritual awakening that caused me some serious trust issues, shook my spiritual beliefs to the CORE & the self-hate (which I had been living with for 20+ years due to the cult) had begun manifesting in health issues…..a cancer scare…I stumbled upon Matt’s ‘How to Heal Yourself of ANYTHING with Q&A’ YouTube video.  I was immediately intrigued.  His voice was soothing, his demeanor kind; Real.  Like talking with a friend.  I reached out & he responded quickly, with interest to Help, Me, someone he didn’t even know.  He tried to convince me that I had the power to do this on my own.  Heal myself, but as mentioned above - the trust issues & self-hate did not allow me to believe this was possible.  

I booked my 1st session with him, for his Remote Quantum Healing.  I Was concerned with everyone saying you can’t do QHHT remotely, but felt led to try his version anyway.  Felt led that this connection was meant to happen.  I didn’t have any time to waste.  He was able to squeeze me in pretty quickly.  The session absolutely DID NOT GO how I expected.  He said many times to have NO EXPECTATIONS, but this is quite difficult.  I prefer to be prepared & in control.  I felt awake/aware the whole time & felt like I was answering my own questions (ego)…yet listening back to the recording, I was able to truly understand all that was happening & realize I really Was able to tune into my Higher Self!  So That’s what that voice sounds like!  I needed his confirmation that what I was hearing Was my HS & Not my EGO.  & now that I am tuned in, the fun just never stops!!  With his guidance and kind heart, MY LIFE HAS CHANGED DRASTICALLY!  In just 1 WEEK!  I Cannot WAIT to see what happens tomorrow! Ha.  Yesterday, I had my follow up/post op appt with my Dr & not only was it THE BEST OUTCOME I could have ever hoped for!!  The Dr couldn’t run out of the room quick enough!  Think he felt embarrassed!!  HAHA How cool is THAT?!   

Key for the session is to write down 10-15 questions you would have for your Higher Self.  Matt provided sample questions to help get me started.  My top 5 were health related, though I also had several others in regards to why did I have to experience such a difficult past 25 years?!  Matt knew just how to ask the questions to my HS, when to ask them, & in what order.  His communication with my HS felt sincere, kind.  I felt comfortable with him.  I don’t think my experience would have been the same with anyone else.

I was able to get all my answers!! (not necessarily all during the session, but the days following, everything started to come together & became So Obvious.   Trust your gut, just go with it!  It Will make more sense later.) My ego was still wanting to control a bit of my session, but I learned to turn it off the days following as I re-listened to the recording & the confirmations that came with everything was pretty amazing.  

At the end of our session, Matt let me pick a word to help me tap into that mental space quickly anytime in the future, in case I had more questions (which of ‘course I would).  So every day I continue to meditate with a new question & I receive my answer from my HS, just like that!  This one session is a tool to help You have the power to live Your life to the fullest every day to come.  It is Absolutely worth it!  

Finally able to accept my hardships as lessons, I am Free to Love myself again!  Trust myself!  I no longer bawl my eyes out to the idea of a miscarriage or losing my father.  I accept my Life Purpose is to Be Love, Light & Kindness to those in my life.  By free’ing myself I am free’ing those around me as well.  

For Our Energy Affects Everyone Around Us.  Once we become aware of this, Dolores’ concept of Earth being a place to learn to harness our Energy….we walk through the door to a whole new world & I’m SO EXCITED TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE who is willing to listen!  But, It Is A Choice.  Is it one you want to make?  Do you want to change your life?  I HOPE SO!  This guy right here….can help you get started!  If you are on the fence about trying this out, I say without a doubt, GO FOR IT!  What do you have to lose?!!  Except the BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE.    



I had a remote QH session with Matt. I am so grateful I did and very thankful to have Matt helping me. At first I was being very judgmental when HS  was answering my questions. I felt like it was me making stuff up but after the session and when I listened to my messages everything applied to my current situations. I felt much lighter physically and so much at peace and with a clear vision to my questions. Self doubt and low esteem were residue from this lifetime to me and apparently I had to go through this lifetime experience to learn to value myself and not seek approval of self worth from others. Thank you Matt for guiding me! Blessings!



I am truly blessed and thankful that I met you on my path. They say you meet people for a reason and now I believe that more than ever. Before my session with you started,  I was very  nervous and wasn't sure what  to expect. You made it sooooo comfortable and took all that away.  You answered all my questions prior and went through everything with me.  Now I'm day 2 after my session and I have: NO racing thoughts, no anxiety, no stress, the pain that I've felt for over 10 years has subsided, my body feels lighter than ever and most of all I know I can trust MYSELF!    So many things make sense now and I owe some of that to you (she would be mad if I gave you ALL the credit)  Thank you for doing what you do. Soooooooo many people would benefit from a session with you.  The world is turning into a better place.



So, last week I boarded a flight on Matt Schmidt Airlines.  It was more like a journey really.

I am a 60 year old man and for most of my life I have been troubled.  My first day at school, I cried.  I became quite truant.  I suffered Anxiety and Depression and had many panic attacks.    I saw many Psychiatrists and Psychologists and tried many different types of Drugs, to no avail. 

My session was BIG, lots to sort through.  Matt was an excellent facilitator.   After my Hypnosis session, the first thing I said to Matt was that I am not the person I was, I feel grown up. Matt says he doesn't do anything, it is all you.  But without him I would still be stuck.

I am so Blessed that you crossed my path Matt!!

It is in all your best interest to take this flight





I just keep hearing Matt Schmidt’s voice in my head saying, “...know that life will never be the same again. You have a clean slate now. All your beliefs, from here forward, are yours to create.”

I feel that truth so deeply. I get such a “full-body YES” that my life has shifted to new levels after experiencing one of his Transcendent Quantum Healing (TQH) sessions.

The blocks I was experiencing... gone: self-sabotage, vows to silence, vows to keep myself hidden, vows to hardship, alignment with disease, attempts to heal those who have not yet chosen healing for themselves. And the integration of authenticity, divine connection & self-love at new, expansive levels.

A TQH session with Matt is intense, for sure. True healing is intense, though. For me, it took about 19 hours of rest and sleep after the session to integrate all of the shifts. And I’m grateful I took that time for myself. I’m grateful I scheduled that appointment for myself. He’d had a rare cancellation and I was able to jump into an open spot with him on the 12/12/20 gateway. Such divine synchronicity at play.

If you’re looking for a miraculous, healing gift to give yourself, book a session with Matt.


I can’t believe how amazing I feel. I haven’t felt this good about myself in such a long time. I'm breaking repetitive ancestral cycles, because I’m putting me first and falling in love with myself and only accepting what I deserve. It’s shifted me. My relationship with God has even gotten stronger. The thought cycles that were taking space in my mind are clearing away. I’m healing me. Those negative thoughts about myself are no longer allowed to exist. I’m vibrating at one of the highest frequencies, I’m evolving. My mind is no longer stuck on repeat. My mind is no longer in control. I’ve surrendered and gave myself to God. I surrendered to unconditional love, living through my heart. Not the reptilian mind. God and the universe guide me. I feel like I’m almost complete.... to be honest I was my own worst critic. Picking apart all the things I didn’t like about myself. These thoughts are the parasites, the dementors that invaded all of me and for a very long time. It can no longer live within me, because they feed off the dark and I’m feeding my vibration with just pure light.


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