Transcendent Quantum Healing (TQH)

Transcendent Quantum Healing is my own personal method to access higher states of consciousness to bring about life-altering healing.  This is the method I use for my remote sessions.  I conducted these sessions all over the world and continue to expand what is possible in these sessions.  I combine many areas of hypnosis in these sessions and incorporate intuitive guidance to facilitate healing.

How does this compare to QHHT?

Although this is a different method than my in-person sessions, I have not noticed any difference qualitatively in the results. 

How are these sessions conducted?

I conduct these sessions via Zoom and send the required links at the time of the session.  Often I use Facebook as a platform for additional communication if possible.  Payment is typically through PayPal, but other options are available.

What do I need for this session?

For a TQH session you will need a stable internet connection, a device with a camera (I need to see your face during the hypnosis), and headphones with a mic attached (to pick up audio during the hypnosis part).  A computer and iPad work better than a phone in most cases.


How do I book a session?

Contact me at  

For current pricing and other questions, please check the FAQ

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